Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life is not ever dare to loose it.

This incident happened with a colleague of mine.
He had joined the company 6 months back as a trainee engineer and recently got his job confirmed. He hailed from Orissa.
As he was working in a different domain, I didn’t have much interaction with this person.
One of my cab mates told today morning that he was admitted in ICU in Manipal hospital and is fighting for life.
I came to know the details from the cab mate only.
The day before, after the work, he was heading towards his room, listening to the songs from his IPod.
In the same state he was about to cross a railway track too.
Before he could take two steps on the track, a very fast moving train tossed him up in the air and moved its way along.
He was there lying, ribs broken, bleeding everywhere with no notice of his IPod anywhere nearby.
A kind auto driver saw him and got him admitted in a nearby hospital.
Doctors have given 48 hours of observing time with a very little chance of his survival.
His parents have come all the way from Orissa with bleeding eyes. Yes, there are no more tears left in them.

I wonder, being so educated, didn’t he use a little common sense while crossing the railway track? Or his brand new IPod had become so dearer to him that it costed his life?

My sincere advice to all my dear friends out here: Life is very precious. And also it’s better to get lost in melody of songs only at home but not on roads or railway tracks.

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vanitha said...

Oh..My god..unbeleivable...hope he recovers soon....